COPA America Centenario - B&W

 The 90 minute actual match is only a small portion of what everyone sees. COPA America Centenario has taken center stage in the USA, and how energetic and exciting it has been. Photographing from the first fans to the last interview, I have tried to capture it all during this historic tournament. Looking at all the intimate-behind-the-scenes moments is what is what really brings joy to the game. 

GreyBack Studios Promotion

Like a sponge, I try to soak in every design I come across and use it down the like. Living in Philadelphia, every corner seems to either have a new mural and piece of street art on display. My city is truly under rated with the amount of beautiful art we have both inside and out of museums. This self promotion poster was inspired by one of our newest additions to the city, where overlapping shapes and letters intersect and change colors. Monochromatic and complementary colors change throughout the piece and yet, it all blends nicely together. The piece may take your eyes astray but, hey, its that first "decisive moment," that matters the most. I'm thinking I should print this out. What do you think?


Philadelphia Union Open Practice

Philadelphia's professional soccer team, Philadelphia Union, opens up its 7th season away on March 6th, vs. FC Dallas. The team held their annual open practice for fans before they depart for Florida for the rest of their preseason training. Taking these shots for KickTV, here some of my favorites from that late January day. P.s. Is it March yet? Doop!

Mummer's Day Parade 2016

Happy 2016! In true Philadelphian Mummers tradition, New Years Day starts off on Broad Street and ends on Two Street. All sorts of shades of color, both in fabric and personality for each comic, fancy, wench, and string band.